Your World

Inspired by the project Liam’s World by Erin Lefevre presented at Photoville 2020.
Lesson Overview

Students will consider identity through the lens of visual storytelling. Students will use photography and text to tell a personal narrative that may address and disrupt stereotypes.

Photograph by Erin Lefevre

Learning Objectives
  • Analyze a series of photographs to consider who is telling the story and how the story is being told.
  • Create a series of images and text that reflects their identity or the identity of an individual who may identify as different/similar to their own identity.
  • Develop their ability to produce photographs with thoughtful and intentional composition and lighting.

The 2020 Photoville Festival Education Month is proudly presented in partnership with PhotoWings, with additional support by the Philip and Edith Leonian Foundation


Ingrid Damiani, Erin Lefevre, Ilona Lieberman


Gretchen Baudenbacher

Featuring photography by

Erin Lefevre

Grade Level

7th – 12th grade


Photography, ELA

Time Required

4 – 8 class sessions

Materials Needed


Key Images/Photographs

Additional Resources

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