Photoville Educator Grants

Building on 3 years of collaboration with educators to develop lesson plans inspired by photography projects, the Photoville x PhotoWings Educator Grant is an opportunity for educators in the Photoville community to receive resources and support to implement a photo-based lesson from the Photoville Educator Resource library in their classroom and produce a culminating exhibition of student work.
For the 2019 – 2020 school year, two educators were selected to receive a $1,000 cash grant and a $2,000 production budget.

This grant is open to all New York City educators who have participated in a Photoville Education program in the past.

The Photoville x Photowings Educator Grant is produced with support from PhotoWings.

Grants for 2020 – 2021 will open September 2020.

The 2019 – 2020 Educator Grantees

East Side Community High School (Lower East Side)

Leigh Klonsky

Inspired by the lesson plan Living City (NYC Municipal Archives), Leigh’s 11th-grade Digital Photography class will create a new archive of the Lower East Side exploring topics such as storefronts/commerce, fashion, climate change, outsider/insider and more. They will examine historical photos and create new artwork and writing about their community, resulting in a series of accordion books and a public exhibition outside their school.

Art Start/Nelson Avenue Residence (The Bronx)

Mariam Aryai Rivera

Inspired by the UPI lesson plans Who We Are (Griselda San Martin), Developing Self (Idris Solomon) and Hiding in Plain Sight (Brooke DiDonato), Mariam’s middle school program, co-located in a family shelter, will practice self + community love and identity, while learning the importance of consent and empowered creative decision making.