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This lesson plan accompanies One Day, I Will, a Documentary Photography Project by Vincent Tremeau
Lesson Overview

Students will be able to analyze the work of the photographer, determine outcomes of the project and apply these lessons to their own social justice documentary project.

Photograph by Vincent Tremeau

Learning Objectives
  • What information can we learn about the location and people
    depicted in these photographs?
  • How do we identify the influence and intentions of the photographer
    in the overall visual message they frame?
  • How do we plan, produce and finalize a project with a social justice
    message? What technical and creative tools do we need to produce
    a project with a social justice message?

The Photoville Education program is in partnership with PhotoWings. This lesson plan was created by educators Brenna McLaughlin and Ashleigh Staton, with the support of the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UNOCHA).


Ingrid Damiani, Erin Lefevre, Ilona Lieberman


Gretchen Baudenbacher

Featuring photography by

Erin Lefevre

Grade Level

7th – 12th grade


Photography, ELA

Time Required

4 – 8 class sessions

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