My Life in Pieces!

Inspired by the project Haiti to Hood by Daveed Baptiste presented at Photoville 2020 by the Haiti Cultural Exchange.
Lesson Overview

Explore photography through reflecting on the multiple elements that make up your identity (home, family relationships, expectations vs reality, sense of belonging, and the everyday objects that are connected to your lived experience and family stories). Students will learn how to tell their personal story through design, images and objects/materials/textures that come alive through a diorama.

Photograph by Daveed Baptiste

Learning Objectives
  • Reflect on their family relationships, contrast between home/friends/school, expectations vs. reality, their sense of belonging and the possibility of “being more than one thing” through connecting to everyday objects that tell a story.
  • Students will learn the basics of photo composition in relationship to the concepts of foreground and background, arranging and scale of objects in a photo set, and framing.
  • Share a non-linear story through a photo collage, juxtaposing items and reflecting on where they come from, who they are now and into the future.

The 2020 Photoville Festival Education Month is proudly presented in partnership with PhotoWings with additional support by the Philip and Edith Leonian Foundation


Aliza Greenberg, Bob Madey, Daveed Baptiste


Natalia Guerrero

Featuring photography by

Daveed Baptiste

Grade Level

6th – 12th Grade


Visual Arts, English Language Arts

Time Required

1 – 4 class sessions

Key Images/Photographs

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