Who is Here?

Based on the exhibition Newest Americans, presented at Photoville 2017 by United Photo Industries, Talking Eyes Media, VII Photo, and Rutgers University-Newark.
Lesson Overview

Every year, there is a new group of students who come into our school. Students will learn and practice journalistic techniques which will help them get to know each other and explore their identities in the context of the broader school community.

Photograph by Julie Winokur for Newest Americans

Learning Objectives
  • Conduct an interview with someone new, and summarize key information about the identity of this person.
  • Photograph this person in an environment that tells a story about who they are.
  • Display their multimedia portraits, and explain how their words and pictures work together to tell a deeper story.
  • Discuss a personal experience of being new to a place, and how they were made to feel at home.

This lesson plan was created during United Photo Industries’  2017 Education Day. Many thanks to the NYC Mayor’s Office of Media & Entertainment for supporting UPI Education!


Clarence Sheppard, Mark Robinson, Mary O’Connell, Chris Martin and Tim Raphael

Grade Level

6th – 12th grade


Social Studies, Film, English Language Arts

Time Required

1 week

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