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River of Life

This lesson plan is part of the Resource Guide, Connecting through Time: Intergenerational & Family Storytelling.
Lesson Overview

Students will connect to their personal stories and legacy by mapping their river of life, grounding them in who they are as storytellers and considering the stories they may want to share with the world.

Facilitation Notes

Remembering and exploring our personal stories can be a very beautiful and yet vulnerable activity, bringing up all types of feelings for all of us. This activity can be used as the beginning of an individual and collective photo journey to create trust and identification within the group. Encourage participants to take time to reflect on what feels comfortable to share and what doesn’t. It’s a great way to begin reviewing all the nuances of ethics around documentary work and respect for people’s personal stories and privacy. Make sure to hold the space by modeling how to honor everyone’s experiences. Everyone is welcome to share as little or as much as they want.

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Natalia Guerrero

Materials Needed

paper, notebook, pens, colors, pencils

Time Needed

45 min

Age Range

all ages

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