It’s a Thin Line
Between Love and Hate

Various Artists

“It’s a Thin Line between Love and Hate” was a two-part photo invitational exploring the twinned themes of Love, Hate, and the rugged terrain between them. In strict observance of February – the year’s most emotionally conflicted month – we kicked things off with a two-week show focusing on the concept of Love before flipping the gallery over to another two-week show, aptly dedicated to the art of pure, unadulterated Hate.

photos by

Kalliope Amorphous, Jen Campbell Brent Clarke, Sam Comen, Goncalo Cunha de Sa, Stephanie Diani, Gregg Evans, Ann, Fjelloe-Jensen, J. Folks, Linda Forsell, Ana Galan, Laura Glabman, Dennis Hodges, Stephen Hoffman, Akihiro Furuta Stephen Honicki, Stelios Karatheodorou, Anthony Karen, Viktor Koen, Matthew Labarbiera, Yijun Liao, Amy Lyne, Daniel Meade, Dimitri Mellos, Aeric Meredith-Goujon, Frank Mullaney, Amy Oliver, Michelle Sank, Ute Schernau, Michael Schmidt, Ingrid Spangler, Sharon Stepman, Anna Tihanyi, Sebastiano Tomada, Whitney Tressel, Rafael Vargas, Drew Waters, Lawrence White, David Witten

Exhibition Dates

February 2 – 28, 2012

Located at

United Photo Industries Gallery