7 over 7: Seven
Shows in Seven Days

Various Artists

To mark the launch of our newly-minted gallery space in DUMBO, we invited 7 talented photographers to mount an exhibition of their work, each lasting for a single evening. Seven Artists. Seven Shows. One Week. “7 over 7: Seven Shows in Seven Days” is more than an exhibition. It represents a new step on our path to discover talented emerging photographers, and to share them with you. In past years, we have all too often come across powerful work that deserved to be seen, but we lacked an appropriate platform through which to showcase it. With the opening of United Photo Industries HQ we have edged closer to fulfilling our mission of supporting, nurturing, and presenting talented emerging photographers from around the world. We are proud to present work by a diverse group of photographers whose work spans the breadth of the human condition, from Kenya’s youth movements to intimate self-portraits; from haunting portraits of toy-soldiers to unexpected life-affirming moments in nursing homes; from the essence of normalcy, to eccentric personalities, and society’s self-perception of yore. Seven short days, seven fantastic exhibitions.

photos by

Aleis Courtney, Bob Miller, Bruno Pulici, Howard Heyman, Irina Firsova, Josep Echaburu

Exhibition Dates

December 1 – 9, 2011

Located at

United Photo Industries Gallery