Spaces and Places

Based on the project Host, featured on the 7th Edition of The Photoville Fence, exhibited in public parks and downtowns across 8 cities in North America.
Lesson Overview

Students will interact within virtual and physical spaces/places using projected images of those spaces/places with which students feel an emotional connection.

Photograph by Unhee Park

Learning Objectives
  • Explore their identity using found or created images
  • Use gestures, poses, and symbols to demonstrate their connections to their chosen spaces/places.

This lesson plan was created during United Photo Industries’ Spring 2019 Teacher Professional Development Day. Many thanks to PhotoWings for supporting UPI Education!


Ilona Lieberman, Katherine Ross, Erin Lefevre, Mark Robinson, and Unhee Park

Featuring photography by

Unhee Park

Grade Level

9th – 12th grade


Social Studies, Art, Photography

Time Required

3 – 4 class sessions

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