lesson plan

Photographic Re-Imagining of the Familial Portrait

This lesson plan is part of the Resource Guide, Connecting through Time: Intergenerational & Family Storytelling.
Activity Overview

Students will ultimately re-imagine an archival photo either from their family, community, or within history. They will use the work of Willow Naomi Curry and Tiffany Smith’s Project The Fourth Ward Photo Parlour and Lebohang Kganye’s Ke Lefa Laka: Her Story, as mentor artists to see how re-photography is a way to connect to the past. They will read their personal photograph through a set of literacy exercises and assess how they want to depict themselves in their recreations. Once they are finished with their project, they might extend the process to their home space and find ways of understanding the role of historical studio photography in their own community and within their personal identities.

Image © Willow Naomi Curry and Tiffany Smith
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