It's A Thin Line
Between Love & Hate 2013

Various Artists

It’s a Thin Line between Love and Hate — United Photo Industries’ two-part photo invitational exploring the twinned themes of Love, Hate, and the rugged terrain between them.


Welcome to the second edition of “It’s A Thin Line Between Love and Hate” our photographic homage to February’s emotional roller-coaster.


Few emotions garner a more passionate, more guttural reaction in each of us than love. Except perhaps for hate. And yet, which of us could give an unequivocal definition of what each of these emotions stand for; how they manifest themselves; or even why? Expressions of love take many forms, some of them saccharine, some violent, even repulsive to the eyes of society. To paraphrase the age-old adage, one man’s act of love, is another man’s manifestation of hatred.


On the surface, love and its flip side, hate might seem simple subjects to capture. Our daily lives are filled with mundane declarations of love, and mindless acts of hatred. But love and hate run deep. Look beneath the surface and you will often discover them masquerading as each other. So, how do you capture such an ill-defined buffer zone separating two strong, conflicting passions? As submissions rolled in, we were exhilarated to see the kind of images our fellow artists had conjured in their quest to define these blurred emotional states.


The photos that comprise these twin exhibitions successfully navigate the worlds of love, hate, and the rugged terrain that lies between them.

photos by

Mariette Pathy Allen, Dirk Anschutz, Susan Barnett , Christopher Capozziello, Alejandra, Carles-Tolra, James Carroll, Jodi Concecpcion, Stephanie Diani, Alessandro Falco, Akihiro Furuta, Glenna Gordon, Barbara Habenstreit, Alice Hale, Jamil Hellu, Howard Heyman, Cereal Lab, Ma Liang Marcia Lloyd, Jennifer Loeber, Meg Lyding , Darius Mccallum, Nick Meyer, Peter Miraglia, Godelieve Mols, Keren Moscovitch, Laura Noel, Julie Nymann, Dominica Paige, Michelle Pedone, Alexis Percival, Hana Pesut, Thalassa Raasch, Jamel Shabazz, Ingrid Spangler, Maria Sprowls Cervantes, Sarah Szwajkos, David Taffet, Colin Todd, Rafael Vargas, Brennan Wesley, Vikky Wilkes, Laine Zimmerman

Exhibition Dates

February 14, 2013

Located at

United Photo Industries Gallery