Forming your Identity through Portraiture

Inspired by the project Shaping a Dialogue for Change presented at The Annenberg Space for Photography presents Photoville LA from April 25 – May 4, 2019.
Lesson Overview

Through collaborative portraiture, students will consider people who have influenced and inspired them reflecting on how their identities have been shaped, and how they want to pay it forward.

Learning Objectives

Examine an environmental portrait to make inferences on the identity of the subject, and their relationship with the artist.

Interview a portrait subject to discover their key characteristics.

Collaboratively direct a portrait photo shoot to capture the best and key characteristics of the subject.

Write a reflection text about the interview and photo shoot experience.

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This lesson plan was created during United Photo Industries’ Spring 2019 Teacher Professional Development Day at the Annenberg Space for Photography presents Photoville LA. Many thanks to PhotoWings for supporting UPI Education!


Adela Montez, Denise Davis, Jacob Adams, Christina Muraczewski and Arlene Mejorado


Jasmin Chang

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Grade Level

9th – 12th grade


Science, Social Studies, English, Photography, Health

Time Required

9 class sessions

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Presented in partnership with

the Annenberg Space for Photography and PhotoWings