Empathy and Photography

Inspired by the photography of Bethany Mollenkof, part of the Women Photograph exhibition at The Annenberg Space for Photography presents Photoville LA from April 25 – May 4, 2019.
Lesson Overview

Students will explore the role that empathy and representation plays in examining our perceptions of a set of photos.

Learning Objectives

Examine their personal interpretation of a presented photograph

Explore connections between the self and photographed subjects

Compare and contrast different interpretations of an image

Storyboard and/or make images that tell a personal story

This lesson plan was created during United Photo Industries’ Spring 2019 Teacher Professional Development Day at the Annenberg Space for Photography presents Photoville LA. Many thanks to PhotoWings for supporting UPI Education!


Stefanie Daehler, Leslie Alessandro, Nikki McCabe, Brian Nieman and Bethany Mollenkof


Jessica Bal

Featuring photography by

Grade Level

6th – 12th grade


Humanities, Social Justice, Visual Arts, Media Literacy

Time Required

2 – 3 class sessions

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Presented in partnership with

the Annenberg Space for Photography and PhotoWings