Presidio Tunnel Tops: My Park Moment

Photo Contest & Outdoor Exhibition

The My Park Moment photo contest is an opportunity for anyone to share a photo of their favorite park experience. To enter, just submit a photo or photos of your favorite park memory — a family picnic, a trip to Yosemite, your last hike in the Presidio, or anything else you love to do in parks.


This fall, 400 photos will be selected for a free and family-friendly outdoor photo exhibition in the Presidio. In addition to the two Community Snapshot categories, four photographers will be chosen for the Visual Story Award. Those selected will receive a cash prize of $2,500 each and their story will be exhibited as a series, as part of the My Park Moment exhibition.


This free-to-enter contest is a way to celebrate the upcoming opening of Presidio Tunnel Tops. Share your park memories with us now, and make new ones at Presidio Tunnel Tops when it opens!


The last day to enter the contest is May 28, 2021.

Categories & Submission Forms

Visual Story Award

Open to photographers, artists, and storytellers ages 18+. Share a set of 10 – 12 self-curated photos and accompanying narrative that tell a visual story about people and parks. Four photographers will be selected and awarded for their work ($2,500 each). Their story along with the artist statement will be exhibited as a series alongside all the Community Snapshots. Entrants can also opt-in for their photograph to be considered for the Community Snapshot Category.

Community Snapshots — Adult

Open to anyone ages 18+. Share a “snapshot” of you and your favorite park experience. Up to 5 photos per entry. We’ll ask you for some words to tell the story behind the photo.


Approximately 200 photos will be selected for the photo show.

Community Snapshots — Youth

Open to anyone ages 12 – 18. Share a “snapshot” of you and your favorite park experience. Up to 5 photos per entry. We’ll ask you for some words to tell the story behind the photo.


Approximately 100 photos will be selected for the photo show.


Visual Story Theme Examples

The Presidio became a park to bring national park experiences, and the many benefits they offer, closer to where most people live — in urban areas. Public feedback has been important in shaping the Presidio’s evolution as an extraordinary place for all. This project is one of the many ways we hope to showcase community perspectives relevant to this journey.


Parks mean many things to many people. Consider these prompts for inspiration as you create your visual story. These themes are examples only — your story is up to you!

My Park

Democratizing public spaces so that all people feel welcome and comfortable is complex. It takes time, intention, and continual feedback and engagement from people. Tell us about what that means to you and what success looks like.

My Community

People are celebrating their cultural traditions and engaging with their communities in parks in ever expanding ways. Does the outdoors play an important role in your community? Share your perspective on this topic.

My Wellness

People come to parks to restore mind, body, and spirit. The COVID pandemic has highlighted the critical need for safe space in nature to move, to feel, and to connect. Does this resonate with you? In what way?

My Inspiration

Nature’s beauty inspires and connects us to something larger than ourselves. It creates a sense of awe that moves us to share, collaborate, and wonder. Inspire others with your perspective on this subject.

My Playtime

The outdoors can be a powerful place of wonder, play, exploration, and fun. Nature is fuel for the body and imagination but isn’t always easily accessible for kids, especially in urban areas. What was your experience with nature and how did it influence your life? How are kids in your community connecting with nature?

How to Enter

This contest is open to anyone, anywhere — it’s not just for professional photographers. If you have a camera or a phone that takes pictures, then snap a photo to send our way. We want to see you having fun in your favorite park. We’re open to selfies, pictures of you with your family, friends, or enjoying a park by yourself.


Review the categories, see which fits you best, and click the corresponding “SUBMIT” button to fill out a submission form and upload your photos. The submission forms are available in English, Spanish, and Chinese.


The last day to enter the contest is May 28, 2021. After that, a selection committee will choose approximately 400 photos to be displayed in the photo show at the Presidio starting this summer. Everyone who has been selected will be notified, and more details will be shared about the date, time, and location of the outdoor photo show, which is free and open to all.