Photoville Educator Fund

in partnership with PhotoWings

The Photoville Educator Fund, in partnership with PhotoWings, provides funding, resources and consultation for educators in our community to connect their students to photographic opportunities.


For 2021, there are two opportunities for educators:

The Exhibition Fund

Open to NYC-based middle and high school educators only.


The Exhibition Fund supports educators to create an outdoor photo exhibition of their students’ work as part of the Photoville festival in September.


4 educators will receive $500 cash grant + support from the Photoville team to produce a public exhibition of their student’s work as part of the Photoville Festival 2021.


Exhibition Fund Deadline: April 30, 2021
Educators Responsibility
  • Facilitate and teach your students to create a body of work (photos, text, etc.) for the exhibition
  • Provide curation and art direction for the Photoville team
  • Work with the Photoville team to design and proof your exhibition (structured feedback)
  • Documentation: post-exhibition, write a 200-word summary about the experience, what your students created, and what they learned from this experience. Please also share a few photos of your process
Photoville responsibility
  • One class visit to introduce the project & inspire students about public art
  • Design the exhibition (you may also choose to design it yourself with a template provided by Photoville)
  • Provide the space, structure and public liability
  • Print & install the exhibition
  • Promote the exhibition

The Artist Visit Fund

Open to all educators.


The Artist Visit Fund connects educators to an artist of their choice, and provides an honorarium for the artist to do a Zoom class visit.


10 educators will receive $150 to fund an artist to visit their Zoom classroom.


Artist Visit Fund Deadline: rolling deadline
Educators Responsibility
  • Provide a selection of 5 artists they’d like to visit their class + ideal schedule options
  • Provide context about the class and its direction to the artist in terms of what you’d like them to share with your class
  • Set up digital meeting environment (Zoom, Google Meet, etc.). Photoville can also help set this up
  • Post-artist visit, write a 150-word summary about the presentation and what your students learned
Photoville Responsibility
  • Reach out to artists in order of teacher’s preference
  • Make introduction of educator & artists + support in coordinating schedules