Photos as Tools for Social Justice

Students from the 2017 UNIS Human Rights Project describe their process of investigating and photographing health disparities in New York City.

Photos as Tools for Social Justice

Featuring youth photographers: Lydia Leiber (UNIS), Serena Aimen (UNIS), Eloise Chambadal (UNIS), Kadija Kone (KIPP), Karen Diaz (KIPP) and Amani Dobson (KIPP)

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United Nations International School











Throughout July 2017, students from UNIS and KIPP College Prep in the Bronx took part in the UNIS Human Rights Project, a photojournalism program for high school students sponsored by UNIS and the EE Ford Foundation. The students used New York City as their classroom to investigate and photograph health disparities related to health insurance access, life expectancy, asthma, diabetes, obesity, mental health, opiate addiction and violence. They trained with photographers and journalists; met with activists, academics and health care workers; and highlighted some of these disparities through photo essays. Students on this panel will describe the process and how they learned to use photos as tools for social justice.

To see more by the United Nations International School and PROOF: Media for Social Justice, visit their Photoville exhibition, “(un)Documented.”

This panel is part of Photoville Education Day, and open only to participants of this program.


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