Two Islands

“Two Islands” by Ritty Tacsum.

Featuring: Ritty Tacsum

Presented by

Arts Council Malta in NY


“Two Islands” is a visual narrative which explores the apparent dichotomies between Malta and Taiwan.

Coming from such a small Mediterranean island (Malta), has translated into a quasi-incessant need to travel and explore other islands and small city-states. The work presented explores the similarly different dynamic inherent to Malta and Taiwan, which have chiefly preoccupied my thoughts as well as my visuals. The multi-layered and juxtaposed narrative(s) are personal resolutions; mere fragments that attempt to grasp and hold onto the bodies and the contexts they inhabit.

I like to think of my work as a process — ongoing research towards a goal I have yet to discover. My work is largely photography-based, although I hate the confines of any one medium, especially since I feel an ever-growing predisposition toward multi-layered stories and narratives.


Ritty Tacsum (b. 1990) is a Malta-based experimental photographer and multimedia artist with a predisposition for multi-layered stories and narratives. Her work taps into memory and makes abundant reference to context, time and place. Architecture features prominently in her work, as do moody surreal settings often dominated by masked anamorphic or androgynous figures.
Ritty’s work has already been the subject of several solo shows with a new forthcoming solo show, featuring an important international collaboration, in the pipeline. Her work has been featured in countless art and design publications and she has been exhibited in high calibre curated shows in Europe and Asia. Her work can be found in several international private collections.
She is currently represented by Lumitrix (UK) and HJF Gallery (NY).


Arts Council Malta (ACM) is Malta’s National Public Agency committed to championing and investing in the cultural and creative sectors. ACM fosters cultural exchange through transnational cultural co-operations, collaborations, partnerships and networks. ACM is also active in promoting and exporting Maltese arts abroad.


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