The Curated Fridge

The Curated Fridge goes on a road trip.

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The Curated Fridge

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Aline Smithson


The Curated Fridge goes on a road trip to Photoville 2016 with Aline Smithson at the wheel!

Isn’t this exciting? Your images will be curated by Aline Smithson, one of the most important figures in the photographic world and, once selected, your prints will be viewed by thousands of visitors in Photoville 2016!


Featuring: Aaron Luckman, Adam Padilla, Alexis Pike, Andrea Waxler, Andrew MK Warren, Ashley Gates, Asia Kepka, Baptiste de Ville d’avram, Becky Ramotowski, Bruce Morton, Charles Mintz, Christa Blackwood, Christine Pearl, Dale Niles, Dalton Lampro, David Hiley, Deb Schwedhelm, Diana Nicolette Jeon, Diane Cockerill, Dick Simon, Dineke Versluis, Edie Bresler, Eleonora Roncone, Erica Martin, Erica Price, Frances Jakubek, Frank Armstrong, Helene Macaulay, Hye-Ryoung Min, Jenna Darcy, JoAnn Carney, Joe Staska, Joey Solomon, John Morris, Joshua Sarinana, Julie Gautier-Downes, Karen Davis, Kristen Bartley, Kurt Jordan, Lauren Grabelle, Linda Kuehne, Lora Brody, Marky Kauffmann, Mary Rice, Meg Birnbaum, Michael Martin, Michelle Alexis Newman, Molly Block, Nancy Baron, Nicole Dahlmer, Norman Borden, Pablo Charnas, Panos Lambrou, Patty Lemke, Paula Goldman, Rachel Loischild & Christopher Bowers, Sally Ann Field, Steve Genatossio, Steven Duede, Susan Lapides, Susan Rosenberg Jones, Tamar Granovsky, Teresa Meier, Tiziana Rozzo, Vanja Karas, Wendi Schneider, Winky Lewis, Wyatt Slate, Yoav Friedlander, Yu-Chen Chiu, Yvette Meltzer, Zoe Perry-Wood



Laura Pannack

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This is the first chapter in a series of works influenced by folktales that explore the theme of life and death. Featuring: Laura Pannack Nominated by Michael Fol...

Rewilding Pandas in China

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China has cracked the puzzle of successfully breeding pandas in captivity, and now they’re releasing them into the wild, where the animals face risks. Photographer Ami...

Daylight Books

Presented by: Hiroshi Watanabe, Zalmai, Alejandro Cartagena, Jesse Burke

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