Selected work from FIT Graduating Show 2017

Selected work from the Fashion Institute of Technology’s 2017 graduating show.

Featuring: Various Artists

Presented by

Fashion Institute of Technology

Curated by

Brad Paris

Students graduating from the Photography and the Digital Image Bachelor of Fine Arts program at the Fashion Institute of Technology exhibited their senior thesis projects in a group-curated show on the school’s campus in May 2017, as part of the annual School of Art and Design Graduating Student Exhibition. “Refractions” was a collective showcase of individual long-term projects that directly reflect the photographic techniques and styles developed during the students’ years at FIT. Work in the show explored themes that ranged from documentary projects about tattoo artists and scientists studying the ocean to personal explorations that examine ideas of memory, power, and sexuality. The different photographic techniques employed, as well as the myriad themes explored by the students, is a reminder that photography still remains a major medium of expression and perspective.



China Through Chinese Eyes

Presented by: Various Artists

Presented by Yuanjin Photo

Work by Chinese visual storytellers, published in Chinese media outlets, present fresh images that piece together a nuanced view of this dynamic country, as they help C...


Presented by: Andre Malerba, Hkun Lat, Lauren DeCicca, Matt Grace, Minzayar, Suthep Kritsanavarin, Yu Yu Myint Than

Presented by Myanmar Deitta and the Natural Resource Governance Institute

Documenting the social and environmental impacts of Myanmar's controversial and highly lucrative extractive industries sector.Featuring: Andre Malerba, Hkun Lat, Lauren...

Am I What You’re Looking For?

Presented by: Endia Beal

Presented by United Photo Industries

"Am I What You're Looking For?" focuses on young women of color who are transitioning from the academic world into the corporate setting, capturing their struggles and...