NYC SALT: The Power of a Portrait

NYC SALT students and staff will discuss the power of a portrait, and how virtual reality and 360 camera technology can be used to create a different kind of portrait.

Featuring: NYC SALT Student Photographers

Presented by


Moderated by

Alicia Hansen


NYC SALT students and staff will discuss the power of a portrait, explaining different types of portraiture and how they created the photos in our exhibit. Our panelists will also show the VR and 360 portraits in our exhibit and explain how the technology works, as well as why they chose VR and 360 camera technology to create a different kind of portrait.


NYC SALT is a non-profit digital photography program for teenagers in NYC. Our mission is to engage, inspire and empower our students through classes with leading creative professionals and access to the most relevant tools in the creative industry. The program uses high-end, professional photography and video instruction, combined with college preparation and mentorship to instill in participants the life skills and confidence needed to pursue higher educational and career goals. At the same time, students develop exceptional storytelling skills and first-class portfolios that increase their competitiveness in the college application process, and unlock opportunities for employment while in college and beyond.

To see more from NYC SALT, please visit their exhibition — The Portrait Project.


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