New York Film Academy – Student and Alumni Exhibition

New York Film Academy presents rising stars in photography.

Featuring: Nilangana Banerjee, Juliane Buensche, Pierre Crosby, Karyna Dobryka, Nitin Doppalapudi, Stephany Fernandez, Amanda Godreau, Pernille Brekke Hanssen, Jon Henry, Arthur Hylton, Adam Kasali, Rutvik Katuri, Di Wu Kishissou, Qingjian Meng, Manuela Montenegro, Nipun Nayyar, Natalia Rudenko, Monika Sedziute, Marshall Sharp, Hanno Shatz, Adi Tarkay, Ana Paula Tizzi, Huimin Zhang

Presented by

New York Film Academy, School of Photography

Curated by

NYFA Photography Faculty

This exhibition includes the artwork of 23 photographers, all students and alumni of the New York Film Academy School of Photography. Representing different countries and cultural identities around the world, they have converged in diversity here at NYFA with a shared passion for the universal language of photography.

Rich in variety, the work adorning these walls not only occupies a unique space in culture and time, but also testifies to the expansive range of approaches to photographic expression that NYFA students explore—from fine art to commercial photography, and not forgetting the fine line in between.

NYFA’s faculty works with students to develop and broaden their interests, preparing them to emerge as contemporary image-makers in an ever expanding field. With support from the faculty and their peers, our students and alumni have exhibited exceptional freshness, quality, and breadth. Alongside traditional treatments of portraiture and still life, this group of artists has also experimented with abstraction, digital manipulation, and staged photography. These experiences enrich their dexterity and vision as they work to discover their unique voices within the world of photography. We are proud to present this photographic exhibition from the students of the New York Film Academy.


The artists included in this exhibition submitted work for consideration in our open call for the New York Film Academy Exhibition at Photoville. All current students and alumni were invited to submit. We received over 400 submissions. A panel of five NYFA faculty members adjudicated, and we received such a brilliant array of work that it was incredibly difficult to decide.

The photographers that we selected represent diverse cultures and backgrounds. What they all have in common is a love for photography, skill and talent, and the ability to create beautiful images that reflect their own unique perspectives.


As one of the leading photography schools, the New York Film Academy offers students the remarkable opportunity to study under award-winning, professional photographers who remain active in many genres of photography, from fine art to fashion, commercial work to photojournalism. The Academy’s photography instructors are not simply interested in producing competent photographers, but artists who each possess a singular voice that will make their work immediately recognizable. Furthermore, the curriculum and faculty at the photography school are also focused on preparing students to apply what they have learned in class and in their coursework to the real world. Simply put, students receive an extraordinary educational experience, designed to best prepare them to achieve their professional goals.


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