Portraits of traditionally and historically dressed individuals who traveled a long way to celebrate Christmas in Lalibela, Ethiopia.

Featuring: Eyerusalem

Presented by

United Photo Industries

Nominated by

Russell Frederick


This collection of portraits was taken in Lalibela, Ethiopia. I took these pictures in one of the biggest markets in the city of Lalibela. As a fashion designer and photographer, I found people that visually caught my attention. I wanted to show colorful and stylish people in different ages. Basically, I was looking for fashion inspiration in the area, because people wear their best clothes when they go to the market.


Eyerusalem Adugna was born and raised in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. She pursued her high school education in Ethio-Parents’ School and continued studying C.A.D.D in the States. Eyerusalem is currently a fashion designer. She realized her interest in photography during the past three years and has been working on building her knowledge since then. Eyerusalem enjoys photography because she wants to document history and use it as a form of artistic communication and expression. She has participated in photo exhibitions and competitions and also works as a freelance photographer.


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