Apparatus of Discomfort

Featuring: Current students of Parsons' MFA Photography program

Presented by MFA Photography, Parsons School of Design

An exploration of the photographic potential to reimagine relationships between bodies and feeling through abstraction, infrastructure, and identity, from work created...

Battles Won

Featuring: GySgt Joseph Digirolamo, Sgt Caitlin Brink, Sgt Matthew Callahan, Sgt Elize McKelvey, Cpl Aaron Patterson

Presented by United States Marine Corps

Honor, courage, and commitment are the core values that drive every Marine. The imagery shown here represents that fighting spirit.Featuring: GySgt Joseph Digirolamo, S...

Boda Boda Madness

Featuring: Jan Hoek & Bobbin Case

Presented by Melkweg Expo & United Photo Industries

Dutch artist Jan Hoek and Ugandan-Kenyan fashion designer Bobbin Case teamed up for "Boda Boda Madness." They sat together with seven motor taxi drivers from Nairobi to...

Body Talk

Featuring: Alicia Vera, Helga Nina Aas, Lia Clay, Mayan Toledano, Olya Ivanova, Sunmin Lee, Yagazie Emezi

Presented by Refinery29

"Body Talk" explores the cultural variations of body positivity and the act of claiming space across both the gender spectrum and the globe, captured through the lens o...
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