Body Talk

“Body Talk” explores the cultural variations of body positivity and the act of claiming space across both the gender spectrum and the globe, captured through the lens of female photographers.

Featuring: Alicia Vera, Helga Nina Aas, Lia Clay, Mayan Toledano, Olya Ivanova, Sunmin Lee, Yagazie Emezi

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Curated by

Toby Kaufmann & Amanda Gorence

Presented by Refinery29, the leading digital media company for millennial women, “Body Talk” features select works from R29’s Take Back the Beach initiative, which explores the way women think and talk about their bodies.

Six female photographers took to local bodies of water in Israel, Liberia, South Korea, Mexico, Russia and Iceland to discuss the nuances of body positivity and its cultural variations among women around the world. To further explore this notion of how beaches can be both a source of empowerment and anxiety, “Body Talk” weaves in works by photographer Lia Clay, which illuminate the transgender experience during the summer and what ‘safe spaces’ mean to the community.

Through captivating portraiture and diverse voices, “Body Talk” applies R29’s mission of inclusivity through a global lens, investigating how we’re more similar than we are different.


Refinery29 is the leading digital-media company focused on women with a global audience footprint of over 550 million across all platforms. Our mission is to be a catalyst for women to feel, see, and claim their power by delivering optimistic and diverse creativity, storytelling, and points of view. Focused around core values of individuality, inclusivity, and impact, we create content that speaks to 360 degrees of a woman’s life, including editorial articles, original video programming, sharable social content across a variety of platforms, and live experiences. Our content sits at the intersection of style and substance, helping our audience live a more informed and inspired life.



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