Battles Won

Honor, courage, and commitment are the core values that drive every Marine. The imagery shown here represents that fighting spirit.

Featuring: GySgt Joseph Digirolamo, Sgt Caitlin Brink, Sgt Matthew Callahan, Sgt Elize McKelvey, Cpl Aaron Patterson

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United States Marine Corps

Being trusted to tell someone else’s story is an indescribable feeling. Being able to document and capture the transformation of strangers as they battle physically, mentally, and emotionally to earn the coveted title of ‘Marine’ is an honor. These photos are a testament to young Americans serving their country.

-Sgt Caitlin Brink


As America’s expeditionary force in readiness since 1775, the Marines are forward deployed to win our nation’s battles swiftly and aggressively in times of crisis. The kind of battles Marines fight range from traditional warfare to humanitarian and disaster relief missions. To do that, we make Marines who win our nation’s battles and return as quality citizens.



Portrait and tiger masks. Intervened photography from the project The Blood and the Rain. Produced with support from the Magnum Foundation.

The Blood and the Rain

Presented by: Yael Martínez and Orlando Velázquez

Presented by Magnum Foundation

"The Blood and the Rain" is a collaborative multimedia project that documents long-practiced Mesoamerican rain rites in indigenous Mexican communities. Combining photog...


Presented by: Daleen Bloemers & Pim Top, Karl Ketamo, Peter de Krom

Presented by Rotterdam Photo

"(Un)Bound" explores the many written and unwritten rules defining boundaries and how it relates to our sense of freedom and belonging. The exhibition, presenting four...
April 2017 Ruth, 35 years old, has been workong with flowers since she arrived to the United States at the age of 18. She works in a flower truck on the corner of White Plaina Road and Story Ave with her 3 sons and others. This project explores self-employment in immigrant communities. © Tony Baizan / Bronx Documentary Center

Journeys: Immigration Stories

Presented by: Various Artists

Presented by Bronx Documentary Center

The work by the Bronx Documentary Center's after-school documentary photography program reveals the challenges and triumphs of life in today's New York City immigrant c...