The Art of Street Photography with Richard Bram

Join photographer Richard Bram for a special talk, Q&A, and book signing of his new book, featuring 10 years of images from the streets of New York.

The Art of Street Photography with Richard Bram

Featuring: Richard Bram

Presented in partnership with

Leica Akademie 


Sunday, September 25 | 3:00PM – 4:00PM
Location: Leica Akademie Tent


Join photographer Richard Bram for a special talk, Q&A, and book signing of his new book, featuring 10 years of images from the streets of New York.


RichardBramHeadshotRichard Bram says this about himself and his work: “I call myself a street photographer, though once upon a time, one would have simply said ‘I’m a photographer’ and that is what it would have meant. Most of my photographs originate in the random chaos of the public space of the street, in the ambient weirdness of everyday life. I always carry a camera. These images are my visual diary. They are not staged; reality is plenty strange enough.” He began his photographic career making his personal photos in black and white, but decided in 2010 to shoot almost entirely in color as a way to invigorate himself and his work.

Born in Philadelphia in 1952, Richard Bram is one of the founding members of the premiere international street photographers’ collective, iN-PUBLiC. Shooting professionally since 1984, Bram devoted himself almost exclusively to working on the streets since moving to London in 1997. Returning to the United States in 2008, he now lives and photographs on the streets of New York City, London, and anywhere else he may be.

Bram regularly exhibits, writes, lectures, and gives street photography workshops in such diverse locations as the Tate Modern and Tate Liverpool in the UK, Bangkok, Tel Aviv, Tbilisi, and at home in New York City. In 2011, he curated “From Distant Streets,” an exhibition of 29 international street photographers. His work is in many institutional and corporate collections, including the Museum of London, the Museum of the City of New York, Bibliothèque nationale de France, George Eastman House/International Museum of Photography, and the University of Louisville Photographic Archives.


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